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Block of St. Rose Preservation district with dark shading denotes areas proposed for highest density.

The City has initiated an update to their Downtown Station Area Specific Plan, which was originally adopted in 2007. The city’s position is a lack of vitality in the downtown is the result of  being too restrictive in terms of development standards such as density and height.

This plan affects our neighborhood. The plan to be presented to City Council this Tuesday, 12/2, includes the rezoning of an entire southern block of our historic district to allow for the highest density and height possible. This is clearly an attempt to remove this block from our historic district by catering to developers over historic preservation and sets a precedent that would endanger all historic districts in our city. If you have concerns about this, please email the City Council and Planning Commission members by end of day Monday, 12/1. citycouncil@srcity.org, planningcommission@srcity.org

From the city’s own documents provided with the above suggested plan: The purpose of the -H combining (Preservation) district in the City of Santa Rosa’s  is to recognize, preserve, and enhance Santa Rosa’s locally-designated historic resources.

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