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August 25th, Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.- Wunderkammer Event

Location: Railroad Square. Featuring Handcar races, local bands, and more! The unofficial theme this year is electro circus punk.  $10 admission. Get more Info at www.wunderkammerfestival.com



Reunification of Courthouse Square – Environmental Impact Report.

The Reunification of Courthouse Square Draft Tiered Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now available for public review.  The project consists of removing one block of Mendocino Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets in downtown Santa Rosa to allow for the reunification of two existing park areas into a central Square. The project would create a central gathering place for Santa Rosa residents and visitors, and would be used for a wide variety of community events such as farmers’ markets, concerts and outdoor art exhibits.  The 45-day public review period begins on August 2, 2013 and concludes on September 16, 2013.  Notices have been sent to property owners and posted at various city-owned facilities and on the City’s web site.  The Council will hold a public hearing regarding the Draft Tiered EIR on September 10, 2013.  Because the purpose of the public hearing is to receive comments regarding the Draft Tiered EIR, the Council will hold and close the public hearing and may provide comments about the document, but will take no final action until a subsequent meeting when the Final EIR is considered for certification.  Verbal and written comments will be accepted at this public hearing and will receive written responses in the Final EIR.  The Draft Tiered EIR can be accessed here:   http://www.srcity.org/communitydev