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SR Police badgeCRIME ALERT!

The Santa Rosa Police Department has been receiving numerous reports of package thefts from the doorsteps of residences over the past month. Although there have been reports of these thefts all over Santa Rosa, the highest frequencies of occurrence have been in the downtown neighborhoods.

The Santa Rosa Police Department Property Crimes Unit has been working with victims and area residents to identify people responsible for committing these thefts, and help educate the public on ways to deter those committing these thefts, and lessen the possibility of becoming a victim. The Santa Rosa Police Department Property Crimes Unit has reached out to local and government delivery services to work together to report suspicious activities which are often associated with these types of thefts.

The Santa Rosa Police Department would like to remind residents to take extra care this time of year when having mail and packages delivered to their residence. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your packages safe from theft:

• Require a signature on delivery.
• Insure packages.
• Consider shipping a package to a workplace instead of a home.
• Use package tracking services. UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service all have apps that not only allow you to track your packages, but redirect them to your office or another location if you’re not at home. You can also sign up for text alerts which advise you when a package is on its way. Additionally, the UPS app has a new feature which allows you to have your packages delivered to certain businesses near your home. The business then holds onto that package until you can get there to retrieve it. It’s called UPS Access Point and there currently 6 in Santa Rosa. Visit www.usps.com to find the location closest to you.
• Use special instructions to specify where the parcel should be left or to arrange for a post office pickup.
• If home delivery is the only option, ask a friend or neighbor to look out for the package.
• When sending a package, let the recipient know when to expect it so they can try to be home for the delivery.
• Put a vacation stop on mail and packages if you’re traveling for the holidays. It can prevent theft as well as reduce the chance of a home burglary.
• Install surveillance cameras around the home. A camera system once involved high costs and complicated setup. Now, homeowners can get live video feeds to their cell phones on systems that cost a couple of hundred dollars.
• Call the police if you witness anything suspicious, like people following delivery trucks or loitering around a home that has recently had a delivery.
• In the event that you are a victim of package theft, check your credit card company to see if they offer theft protection.
To report suspicious activity call 707 528-5222.


Jack Lessering Studio

Sunday, Dec. 27,1:00 -5:00 PM Jack Leissring Studio Opening– A world class art collection close by in the West End neighborhood. This is the final studio opening for the year 2015. There is a special treat in store for visitors: Maria de Los Angeles, who is now teaching at the Pratt Institute in New York, is bringing new drawings and paintings. Location: 622 Davis Street, Santa Rosa

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