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City Survey – Reunification of Courthouse Square

The City council recently agreed to spend $10 million to reunify Courthouse Square and is currently asking residents to fill out a survey on what they want to see in the reunified Square. Unfortunately, they don’t ask the bigger question – do you want to see the city spend money to unify the Square?

Residents of the St. Rose neighborhood may not be aware that all southbound traffic that normally would take Mendocino Avenue through the Square will be re-routed from the College/Mendocino Avenue intersection onto Healdsburg Avenue and B Street. Based on a 2008 Traffic Study, 14,000-16,000 vehicles pass through the Square on Mendocino Avenue each day. If half of those vehicles are headed south, there is the potential that another 7,000-8,000 vehicles will be using Healdsburg Avenue/B Street to Seventh Street once the Square is reunified. If this causes you concern, we would suggest you take the survey and mention it in the comments field for question #14.



For those of you who like to read gov’t documents, here is the link to the 2008 Traffic Study.


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