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Crime Alert!

Last month a resident of Lincoln Street had UPS delivery on a Saturday and someone was apparently following the truck and took the box that was delivered. They opened it around the corner and sound it contained work shoes and left the package, and a gardener found the box, realized what happened and returned the box to them.  Tip: Have UPS deliver packages to your place of work to avoid thefts.


Opening Reception: Sunday, Nov. 8, 4-6pm
Journey to Fountaingrove: From Feudal Japan to California Utopia, spans the large geographical and cultural distance that Nagasawa had to navigate. It is the story of the connections that brought this unusual man from Japan to Santa Rosa, and the man himself who became known as the “Wine King of California.” This exhibition explores the Indian American experience and the community’s vital political, professional, and cultural contributions to American life and history. Click here for more information.
History Museum of Sonoma County, 425 Seventh Street


Street Lights are Being Turned Back On and Equipped with LEDs
Ahead is a brighter future for Santa Rosa. City electricians have been busy turning street lights back on. These are the street lights that were turned off as a cost saving measure from 2009 – 2013. City electricians have turned back on approximately 30% of the lights that were deactivated and will have every light back on by July 2016.
The future is also looking greener. We are equipping the City’s street lights with new high efficiency LED lamps. Street lighting is a large source of greenhouse gas production. By retrofitting our street lights with high efficiency LED lamps, the City will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 150 metric tons a year and save on annual energy costs. An added benefit is that LED fixtures require less maintenance and have a longer life span than the sodium lights they are replacing.
Learn more about the Street Light Program.


Santa Rosa Water News
Preparing For Fall!
Clean and maintain gutters: A clean gutter can help protect your home’s roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Keep your gutters clean to ensure that rain water makes it into the storm drain and away from your home.
Keep storm drains clean: By removing leaves and debris from the landscape and around storm drains, urban flooding and storm water pollution can be prevented. Rain can drag pollutants and leaves down the drain, making its way to our local creeks, streams, and rivers without treatment. Pollutants can also clog drains causing flooding on streets and sidewalks.
For more information on pollution prevention and storm drain maintenance, please visit: Storm Drain Maintenance

Current Water Statistics
Reservoir Levels: As of October 5th, reservoir storage in Lake Sonoma is 72% of capacity and Lake Mendocino is 57% of target water supply storage.

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