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This week we will have another meeting with Catholic Charities regarding the Homeless Service Center they run on Morgan Street. These meetings are quarterly and are required as a condition of their use permit. It is an opportunity to for the neighborhood residents to meet the Catholic Charities Staff and discuss any concerns they may have.

Date: Wed., April 15,

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Family Services Center, 465 A Street

Agenda items include:

  • Update on programs run by Catholic Charities.

    Homeless Service Center

    Homeless Service Center


  • Lt. Navarro from the Police Department will discuss the “Safe Parking  Program” launched last year by the county and adopted by the city of Santa Rosa  (this is the program that allows people to sleep in their cars on residential streets).

SR Police badge

  • Frank Kasimov from the city’s Housing Department will discuss the pending purchase of the majority of the property between 6th & 7th Streets by Catholic Charities that they previously have leased from the Sisters of St. Joseph.Catholic Charities Property
  • After these 2 speakers, those attending will have a chance to ask questions or discuss concerns in other areas.

All residents and owners of property in the St. Rose Neighborhood are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Catholic Charities strongly encourages feedback from the neighborhood at any moment in time. Neighbors are encouraged to call Catholic Charities using the following communication phone tree:
1. Catholic Charities’ On-Call Phone (operated 24/7): 707-291-3292
2. Catholic Charities’ Homeless Services Center (operated M-F, 6am-5pm): 707-525-0226
3. Catholic Charities’ Family Support Center (operated 24/7): 707-542-5426
4. Program Director: 707-800-2372; jholmes@srcharities.org

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