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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Hi, Everyone,
It’s been a while since we’ve sent a post to the St. Rose Neighborhood. If you are new to getting these – welcome! They are generated from our website: strosedistrict.org

First some good news! After several months of working with staff from the Planning Department, monitoring presentations to the Planning Commission, Cultural Heritage Board, and the City Council we were successful in changing the height limit on 12 historic properties in the St. Rose District from a potential 5-story height limit to a maximum of 3 stories. The residents invovled (Greg Parker, Roy Loessin, and Denise Hill with guidance from Council Member Chris Rogers) were concerned that a recent push by the Planning Department to apply a 5-story building on the parcels invovled would make these properties appealing to developers who would purchase the properties to destroy them and build new. On Tuesday, November 16, the City Council voted unanimously to put a 3-story limit on these buildings. Here are images of a few of the buildings that now have this extra protection:




City Zoom Meeting –  Monday, November 23, 5pm

For more information visit: https://srcity.org/3234/The-Flats-528-B-St

This proposed 5-Story building will be located between these two 2-and 3-story buildings on B Street:

534 B Street