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Brew Triangle Painting
Amgen Tour – 2008

2018 - Rainbow Flag in Traffic Triangle
2018 - Rainbow Flag in Traffic Triangle

St. Rose Neighborhood Projects

2003 – Planting Street Trees
2011 – Painting the Ninth Street Mural
2011 – Traffic Diverter Planters
2012 – 6th Street Undercrossing

Monthly Archives: April 2019

Dare Devil Diavolo poster



In the early 1900’s the 2 blocks of land between 10th Street and College Avenue on the east side of the St. Rose Historic District were still undeveloped. The land was owned by the Cooper family who lived in a house at the corner of 10th and B Streets. Large open tracts of land being a rarity some 35 years after Santa Rosa was established, it came in handy when traveling carnivals came through town. Click here to read more…

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Take a look at the homes in our neighborhood! Many of them are historic. Click on the “I' to find out the date built and the architectural style.