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In the early 1900’s the 2 blocks of land between 10th Street and College Avenue on the east side of the St. Rose Historic District were still undeveloped. The land was owned by the Cooper family who lived in a house at the corner of 10th and B Streets. Large open tracts of land being a rarity some 35 years after Santa Rosa was established, it came in handy when traveling carnivals came through town. Click here to read more…

EIR Scoping Mtg 2.6.19

Hi, All,

There is an EIR “scoping” meeting this coming Wednesday regarding the Caritas Village  project. This is a meeting where residents can give input on what they would like to see studied by the city before the project starts making its way through the city approval process. You can also request the city study mitigation measures and alternatives to the proposed project. ***This is the time to voice concerns regarding: size, density, parking, traffic, and loss of historical structures.***

Date: Wed., 2/6

Time: 6-7:30pm

Location: DeTurk Round Barn, 819 Donahue Street.


Details of the proposed Project (Caritas Village is two projects – Caritas Homes and Caritas Center):


  • Structures/Density: 128 units with two residential structures (a mix of studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments.Units will be the equivalent of four-story buildings along all streets except along 7th Street
  • A projected 222 residents  would be added to the area.
  • Vehicular access would be from Morgan Street (Phase 1) and A Street (Phase 2).
  • Parking on the ground floor of each Caritas Homes building would provide 27 parking spaces per building for a total 54 spaces,
  • This project would also result in the demolition of 5-7 historic structures on the southern most block of the St. Rose Historic District.

Caritas Center:

  • Description: Caritas Center will centralize Catholic Charities’ services and programs currently on the site—the Family Support Center and the Homeless Services Center. The new location is the southern part of the block bordered by A Street and 6th Street.
  • Hours of operation: would remain the same as existing with 24-hour staffing, seven days a week. Participant Advocates would work in two shifts: 8 AM to 4 PM and 4 PM to 12 AM. Program Aides would also work the 12 AM to 8 AM shift.
  • The proposed size is approximately 46,587 square feet and would be three stories in height
  • A projected 132 family residents would occupy the up to 50 private family residence rooms.
  • The Center would generate 155 new employees, 441 new clients, and 327 other new program participants on an annual basis.
  • Additional Uses: The Center would provide outpatient physical and mental health services to children and adults along with The Nightingale Program which provides a place for homeless individuals to continue recovering when they are discharged from the hospital. Up to 20 additional residents would be added with the proposed Transitional Living Space (approximately 2,099 square feet) – The project would include transitional housing integrated with other social services and counseling programs.
  • Vehicular access would be from A Street or Morgan Street, with surface parking lots immediately north of the building.
  • Parking (73 Spaces): Zoning Ordinance requires one parking space for every 10 beds plus one parking space per staff person on duty for the emergency shelter use. The emergency shelter would have up to 200 beds, which would require 20 parking spaces. There would be three emergency shelter staff members on-site at any time, which would require three additional parking spaces. The Transitional Living Space would have up to 20 beds, which would require two more spaces. Thus, the total parking requirement for the residential portion of Caritas Center would be 25 parking spaces. The proposed Caritas Center would have 48 parking spaces including 7 compact spaces, and 2 accessible spaces.

If you can not make this meeting, comments can be submitted to:

  • Kristinae Toomians, Senior Planner: KToomians@srcity.org

Deadline for comments is: Friday, Feb. 22, 2019.