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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Homeless Service Center

This Wednesday we will have our last quarterly meeting for the year with Catholic Charities regarding the Homeless Service Center they run on Morgan Street.

Date: Wed., Oct 7

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Family Services Center, 465 A Street

Agenda items include:

  • Update on programs run by Catholic Charities:
    • New Conservation Corp litter cleanup program
    • New Host 24/7 phone #
    • Outreach to Cal Trans to get access to their property
    • Bus ticket program
    • Security Company
  • Presentation by Buckelew, a non-profit collaborating with Catholic Charities on some of the homeless programs. Their organization’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families in the community by providing mental health & addiction services.
  • Update from Santa Rosa Police Department on issues in our area

While not part of the discussion regarding Catholic Charities homeless services, a concern about traffic speed on Morgan Street was raised at the July meeting. Here is an update of steps taken by the city’s Public Works Department since that meeting.

Traffic calming measures for Morgan Street – update from City Public Works Department:

  • The additional No Right Turn on Red sign has been added since our July meeting.
  • Striping was completed in the last month on Morgan at the ramp and just north of Sixth St.
  • The department will re-survey the traffic speed on Morgan Street now that the striping is in place. The prior survey maintained the 30 mph speed limit. With the addition of the striping, they will see if a lower speed can be posted on this section of road.
Our meetings with Catholic Charities are quarterly and are required as a condition of their use permit. It is an opportunity to for the neighborhood residents to meet the Catholic Charities staff and discuss any concerns they may have. All are welcome.