Around The Neighborhood

Take a look at the homes in our neighborhood! Many of them are historic. Click on the I' to find out the date built and the architectural style.

[img src=]13410A - St. Rose Banner
St. Rose Neighborhood Banner
[img src=]2900A - St. Rose Historic District Sign
St. Rose Historic District Sign
[img src=]2420A Community Garden
The Sunflower Garden at 7th and A Streets. Run by Catholic Charities for Catholic Charities homeless service center.<br />
[img src=]2570A Street - 437
437 A Street. Metal building built between 1915-1923. At one time the Engman Garage. Now owned by the city.
[img src=]3540A Street - 465
465 A Street - Catholic Charities Family Service Center<br />Originally called General Hospital. Built in the 1940's.
[img src=]3320A Street - 508
508 A Street<br />Built between 1908-1914. Style:Bungalow
[img src=]2940A Street - 510
510 A Street<br />Built between 1922-1925. Mediterranean Revival style.
[img src=]3380A Street - 511
511 A Street<br />Built between 1908-1914. Style: Craftsman Bungalow with clinker brick porch. Original owner: Timothy Shea.
[img src=]2760A Street - 512
512 A Street. Built in 1883. Style: 19 Century Vernacular.
[img src=]3260A Street - 517
517 A Street. Built in 1894. Remodeled heavily.
[img src=]2980A Street - 521
521 A Street. Built in 1902-1903. Style: Queen Anne. Semi twin to 525 A Street house. Original owner: Otto Stamer.
[img src=]2830A Street - 525
525 A Street<br />Built between 1904-1908. Style: Queen Anne with Eastlake Detailing. Historic name: John F. W. Andrews house. Original owners were John Andrews (a blacksmith) and his wife Anita. The house was owned by the Andrews family until 1964.
[img src=]2430A Street - 531
531 A Street. Built in 1923. Original style: Mission Revival. Heavily remodeled.
[img src=]2730A Street - 534
534 A Street<br />Built in 1915. Style: Provincial. Major restoration in 1990's.
[img src=]2390A Street - 537
537 A Street. Built in 1889. Style: Italianate/Folk Victorian. May have been elevated. Cornelius Shea , a banker, bought the property from Joseph Silver who had paid $10 for the lot. The house was in the Shea family until 1921.
[img src=]2090A Street - 541
541 A Street. Built in 1870. Moved to present location between1904-1908. Style: Carpenter Gothic Historic name: "Bayler House".
[img src=]1910A Street - 542
542 A Street. Built in 1925. Style: Provincial. Heavily remodeled in the 1990's.
[img src=]1580A Street - 546
546 A Street. Built in the 1870's. Moved by the Metzger family from the corner of 5th and Davis. Heavily remodeled in the 1990's. Style: Carpenter Gothic.
[img src=]2450A Street - 9th Street- St. Rose School
St. Rose School. Built in 1931. Style: Spanish Colonial Revival. Original owner of the land were ranchers James and Lois Hall. The structure was condemned in 1983 when the city determined it was not earthquake safe. Renovations to make the building earthquake safe started in 1993 and included replacing the church tower with one identical in appearance, but made from plastic foam. The building re-opened in 1994 and the first floor is used for church functions while the second and third floors are leased out.
[img src=]1820B Street - 505
505 B Street. Conklin Bros. Flooring. Building acquired by Sonoma County Museum for future expansion.
[img src=]2760B Street - 510
510 B Street. Built in 1913. Craftsman style. Historic name: Jacobs House. the house was built by Mr. Jacobs for his family. Mr. Jacobs owned an electrical store on B Street and was a prominent member of the Elks club. Their daughter, Hati, donated the bells at Santa Rosa Junior College.
[img src=]1780B Street - 520
520 B Street. Built between 1904-1907. Style: Colonial Revival. Historic name: Albert Shea House.
[img src=]2240B Street - 526
526 B Street. Built: 1922. Style: Mediterranean Revival. Historic name: "Rosemont Apartments".
[img src=]1800B Street - 534
534 B Street. Post 1945. Commercial building.
[img src=]3230B Street - 535
535 B Street. Built in 1872. Style: Italianate or Italian Renaissance. Historic name: "Metzger House". Architect: possibly A.P. Petit. Builder: Armstead Runyon. Rear of house altered in 1904 when the Boyce House was moved onto the property. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
[img src=]2660B Street - 537
537 B Street. Built in 1868. Style: Italianate or Italian Renaissance. Architect: possibly A.P. Petit. Historic Name: Boyce Residence. Original owner: Dr. A.F. Boyce. Originally located at 426 Third Street. Moved to present location between 1893-1904.
[img src=]1640B Street - 547
547 B Street. Built in 1922. Style: Colonial Revival. Historic name: St. Rose Rectory. Was used as a bishop's residence in the 1990's.
[img src=]2380B Street - 549-A
549 B Street. Vintage photo (from postcard) of St. Rose Church. Built:1900 in the Romanesque style. Built by Italian stone masons using basalt stones mined locally.
[img src=]2070B Street - 549-B
549 B Street. St. Rose Church<br />Style: Romanesque-Gothic. Architects: Shea & Shea of San Francisco. Built by Italian stone masons in 1900. Peter Maroni was the lead stone mason. He also did stone work on the Western Hotel in Railroad Square and the Kenwood Depot. This structure replaced the first church built in 1860 at Fifth and B Streets on a lot donated by Julio Carrillo. Services moved to a newer church building in the 1960's.
[img src=]1930B Street - 558
558 B Street. Built between 1890-1895. Style: Queen Anne. Historic name: Frank Berka House. Built by lumberman Frank Berka who got is start working with Colonel James Armstrong of Armstrong Woods. The Frank Berka lumber yard was purchased by Yaeger and Kirk in the 1970's.
[img src=]1430B Street - 576
576 B Street. Built: 1940. Style: Art Deco. Historic name: "Thurlow Medical Building". Constructed for Dr. Amos Thurlow who was born in Michigan in 1884 and moved to Santa Rosa in 1922. In 1947 he as the medical Director of the Sonoma County Hospital and lived in the McDonald District. In 1947, the building had 6 physician offices and a pathology lab.
[img src=]1470B Street - 600
600 B Street. Built: 1938 Sytle: Art Deco. Historic name: "Hamlin Medical Building".
[img src=]1250B Street - 615
615 B Street. Built between 1915-1923. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]1460B Street - 616
616 B Street. Built in 1922. Style: Colonial Revival. Grayott Apartments.
[img src=]2230B Street - 625
625 B Street. Built between 1885-1888: Style: Stick Eastlake. Historic name: Cornelius Shea House. In the 1950's Bob Trowbridge purchased the house for $1 when it was going to be torn down for a drive-in restaurant. He then moved it from 537 Mendocino Avenue to its current location.
[img src=]1340B Street - 630
630 B Street/ Built between 1915-1925. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]1180B Street - 634
634 B Street. Built in 1934. Style: Provincial.
[img src=]1140B Street - 637
637 B Street. Built between 1909-1914. Style: Bungalow. Remodeled in last 10 years.
[img src=]1100B Street - 639
639 B Street. Built between 1908-12. Style: Colonial Revival. Remodeled in last 10 years.
[img src=]1400B Street - 641
641 B Street. Built between: 1909-1914. Style: Bungalow
[img src=]1090B Street- Moore Bldg.
B Street entrance to the "Moore" Building . Replaced former beauty school.
[img src=]1180 Eighth Street
[img src=]1300Eighth Street - 408
408 Eighth Street. Built between 1875-1888. Style:Greek Revival Cottage.
[img src=]1570Eighth Street - 414
414 Eighth Street . Built: 1915. Style: Bungalow
[img src=]1210Eighth Street - 418
418 Eighth Street. Built by 1885. Style: Italianate.
[img src=]1230Eighth Street - 421
421 Eighth Street<br />Stick-Eastlake built between 1880-1888 and moved from B Street by the Metzger family. Known as the "Carithers House". Original house still standing in 1981. Burned down between 1982-1989.Elements from original structure used to create current apartments at location.
[img src=]1120Eighth Street - 425
425 8th Street - Apartments
[img src=]1160Eighth Street - 428
428 8th Street<br />Remodeled. Original house built between 1894 and 1899. Style: Italianate.
[img src=]1620 Eighth Street - 429
429 Eighth Street. Apartments built in the early 1990's using woodwork from the original house on the site. Original house was built in 1880 by T.J. Ludwig (builder of the McDonald Mansion). In 1904 the house was moved from 401 B Street at 5th Street to Eighth Street by Augusta Metzger in 1904. The original house survived the 1906 earthquake, but was severely damaged by a fire in 1983.
[img src=]1610Eighth Street - 432
432 Eighth Street. Built:1885-1887. Style: Italianate. Originally one story. Raised and new story added under original structure.
[img src=]1680Eighth Street - 442
442 Eighth Street. Built: 1922. Style: Mediterranean Revival. Historic name: Norma Apartments.
[img src=]1060Lincoln Street - 301
301 Lincoln Street. Built in 1948.
[img src=]910Lincoln Street - 307
307 Lincoln Street. Built in 1945. Designer: J. Lindsay
[img src=]880Lincoln Street - 308
308 Lincoln Street. Tract housing. Built in 1940.
[img src=]840Lincoln Street - 315
315 Lincoln Street. Built in 1949. Designer: Robert Whiting
[img src=]880Lincoln Street - 318
318 Lincoln Street. Built in 1939. Style: Mediterranean Revival. Designer: Eugene Cantino
[img src=]960Lincoln Street - 324
324 Lincoln Street. Built in 1938. Style: Mediterranean Revival.Designer: Eugene Cantino
[img src=]1210Lincoln Street - 330
330 Lincoln Street. Built in 1938. Style: Mediterranean Revival. Designer: Eugene Cantino
[img src=]900Lincoln Street - 333
333 Lincoln Street. Built in 1946. Designer: John Aguilera
[img src=]790Lincoln Street - 337
337 Lincoln Street. Built in 1946-1947.
[img src=]1030Lincoln Street - 400
400 Lincoln Street. Built in 1925. Style: Bungalow
[img src=]1220Lincoln Street - 403
403 Lincoln Street. Built: 1908 Style: Craftsman Bungalow.
[img src=]1000Lincoln Street - 406
406 Lincoln St.. 1923 Bungalow
[img src=]910Lincoln Street - 407
407 Lincoln Street. Built between 1894 and 1914. Style: Italianate. Historic name: "Isaac Cook House".
[img src=]730Lincoln Street - 412
412 Lincoln Street. Built between 1923 and 1925. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]1090Lincoln Street - 416
416 Lincoln St. 1923 Bungalow
[img src=]910Lincoln Street - 417
417 Lincoln St.. 1915 Bungalow
[img src=]960Lincoln Street - 420
420 Lincoln Street. 1923 Bungalow
[img src=]880Lincoln Street - 421
421 Lincoln Street. Built between 1915 and 1923. Style: Bungalow
[img src=]790Lincoln Street - 425
425 Lincoln Street. Built between 1915-1923. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]940Lincoln Street - 428
428 Lincoln St. 1915 Bungalow
[img src=]830Lincoln Street - 429
429 Lincoln St. 1915 Bungalow
[img src=]820Lincoln Street - 432
432 Lincoln St. 1915 Bungalow. Second story added later.
[img src=]730 Lincoln Street - 433
433 Lincoln Street. Built between 915-1925. Style: Tract.
[img src=]570Lincoln Street - 436
436 Lincoln Street. Built between 1915-1923. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]720Lincoln Street - 437
437 Lincoln Street. Built between 1915-1925. Style: Bungalow
[img src=]800Lincoln Street - 442
442 Lincoln St. 1915 Bungalow
[img src=]690Lincoln Street - 446
446 Lincoln St.. 1915 Bungalow
[img src=]630Lincoln Street - 448
448 Lincoln St.. 1915 Bungalow. Operated as a business (Tuttle's Pharmacy) 1960's to 1980's.
[img src=]640Morgan Street - 512
512 Morgan Street. Built between 1915-1923. Style: Craftsman bungalow. Base is clinker brick. Siding added later.
[img src=]500Morgan Street - 516
516 Morgan Street. Built in 1920. Style: Bungalow. Moved to site about 1946.
[img src=]550Morgan Street - 520
520 Morgan Street. Built in 1890. Style: Queen Anne Cottage. Moved to site about 1946.
[img src=]480Morgan Street - 600
600 Morgan Street. Built in 1920. Style: Bungalow. Historic name: Toscani House. Currently, used as Homeless Service Center.
[img src=]470Morgan Street - 608
608 Morgan Street. Built between 1915-1923. Style: Mediterranean Revival. Casa del Sol apartments.
[img src=]520Morgan Street - 700
700 Morgan Street. Built between 1915-1923. Style: Craftsman Bungalow. Historic name: George and Margaret Schultz House.
[img src=]1080Morgan Street - 708
708 Morgan Street. Built between 1895-1903. Style: Queen Anne . 1908 barn in alley belongs to house. Original lot was part of the Bayler and Menihan addition to Santa Rosa laid out in 1888. F. Davis was the original owner of the lot.
[img src=]590Morgan Street - 714-718
714-718 Morgan Street. Built between 1906-1908.Style:Shingle, Colonial Revival. Historic name: Leroy Spooncer House.
[img src=]880Morgan Street - 722
722 Morgan Street. Built: 1894. Style: Queen Anne.Built between 1900-1903
[img src=]690Morgan Street - 724-728
724-728 Morgan Street. Built between 1904-1907. Style: Queen Anne/Colonial Revival.
[img src=]890Morgan Street - 730
730 Morgan Street. Built between: 1904-1908.Style: Queen Anne. Historic name: "John Schroder House".
[img src=]690Morgan Street - 736
736 Morgan Street<br />Built between 1894-1903. Style: Italianate/Transitional<br />Originally built with one stair case on the exterior of the house going up to a 2nd floor entrance. The assumpton is that the builder being from Nova Scotia was use to building homes that had to have entrances above the snow. The staircase was removed in the 1920's and replaced with identical Greek Revival pediments when the structure became a duplex. The house was built for and occupied by the Seymour family for 81 years.<br />A report on the history of this house done by SSU students is available at the Library Annex.
[img src=]630Morgan Street - 740
740 Morgan Street<br />Built sometime between 1894-1905. Style: Colonial Revival.
[img src=]420Morgan Street - 750
750 Morgan Street. Built between 1902-1904. Style:Shingle. Historic name: Gibbens House. House built by either Mary Durand or Margaret M. Gibbens.
[img src=]400Morgan Street - 902-906
902-906 Morgan Street. Style: Provincial. Built between 1935-1940. Moved to current location. 5 units.
[img src=]400Morgan Street - 940
940 Morgan Street. Built between 1904-1907. Style: Colonial Revival.
[img src=]660Seventh Street - 425
Santa Rosa Museum. Originally, Santa Rosa's post office. Built in 1909. Style: Roman Renaissance Revival. Designed by James Knox Taylor, Architect for the Treasury Department in Washington D.C. Sold to the County of Sonoma in 1967. Moved from 5th Street downtown to present location in the 1979.
[img src=]500Tenth Street - 224
224 Tenth Street. Built in 1946l Style: Tract. Designer: Milton Roundtree.
[img src=]670Tenth Street - 231
231 Tenth Street. Built: 1921. Style: Bungalow. Historic name: "Fitzgerald House"
[img src=]790Tenth Street - 307
307 Tenth Street. New construction. Built in 2004.
[img src=]1190Tenth Street - 309
309, 311 Tenth Street. Built in 2006. New Construction.
[img src=]560Tenth Street - 315
315 Tenth Street. Built between 1915-1925.
[img src=]3070Tenth Street - 317
317 Tenth Street. Built in 1929. Style: Prairie House Bungalow
[img src=]700Tenth Street - 323
323 Tenth Street. Built in 1880. Style: Victorian Vernacular. Moved to present location and converted into the Mableton Apartments in 1915.
[img src=]1290Tenth Street - 327
327 Tenth Street. Estimated build date: 1870. Style: Italianate Cottage. Possibly moved t this location in the 1930's.
[img src=]730Tenth Street - 333
333 Tenth Street. Built in 1894. Style: Colonial Revival. Moved in 1945 from 225 Wallace Street.
[img src=]520Tenth Street - 341-339-337
341-339-337 Tenth Street. Built between 1927-1950. Tract style-Bungalow courtyard multi-unit housing. G Units added at different times.
[img src=]500Tenth Street - 347
347 Tenth Street. Built between 1915-1925. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]510Tenth Street - 349
349 Tenth Street. Built in 1908-1914. Style: Craftsman
[img src=]1050Tenth Street - 430
430 Tenth Street. Saturday Afternoon Club. First ladie's club in Santa Rosa. Built in the Craftsman style in 1908. Heavily remodeled in the 1960's.
[img src=]610Washington Street - 825
825 Washington Street. Built in 1948. Style: Art Deco Apartments
[img src=]520Washington Street - 831
831 Washington Street. Built in 1946. Style: 1930's Tract.
[img src=]540Washington Street - 837
837 Washington Street. Built in 1945. Style: 1930's Tract.
[img src=]640Washington Street - 913
913 Washington Street. Built in 1924. Style: Bungalow. Heavily remodeled in the 1970's.
[img src=]620Washington Street - 918
918 Washington Street. Built in 1926. Style: Prairie School House.
[img src=]670Washington Street - 919
919 Washington Street. Built between 1918-1922. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]540Washington Street - 921
921 Washington Street. Built between 1937-1946. Style: Provincial
[img src=]560Washington Street - 922
922 Washington Street. Built between 1925-1931. Style: Bungalow.
[img src=]590Washington Street - 925
925 Washington Street. Built in 1937. Style: Mediterranean Revival. Duplex.
[img src=]640Washington Street - 932
932 Washington Street. Built between 1915-25. Style: Bungalow.