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Amgen Tour 2008 Joint St. Rose/West End/Art Start project - Sept 2011


"Close-up of female marijuana plant in full bloom. Strong DOF, with main focus on bud at center. High dynamic range photo. More in:"

Cannabis Cultivation Facility by West End Public Hearing March 9 at or after 4 p.m.

Does an 11,000 square foot Cannabis Cultivation Facility belong in an area planned for family housing? For more details click here. Give input or email to : Andy Gustavson, Senior Planner, Planning and Economic Development Dept., City of SR, 100 SR Ave, Room 3 Santa Rosa, (707) 543-3236.



Pothole Repair Hotline

Pothole Repair

Potholes are the result of water penetrating the subsurface of the road through cracks in the asphalt. Water in the underlying soil structure weakens the asphalt, so that when vehicles drive over the surface, the roadway cracks into chunks that fall apart and form a pothole.

City crews repair potholes throughout the year. If it’s raining, they use a cold patch mix to fill-in the pothole. If there isn’t rain forecast and the air temperature is warm enough to use hot asphalt, they’ll either dig out the area and replace it with new asphalt, or do a light “skin patch” in the area. If you encounter a pothole within city limits call the Pothole Hotline at 707-543-3871, anytime day or night or use the My Santa Rosa app on your smart phone. City crews will be dispatched to fill or repair the pothole usually within 24-hours.


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Fundraiser for the Animals at the Saturday Afternoon Club, March 11th, 2-4 pm

A wine tasting event for the benefit of Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County and Dogwood Animal Rescue Project. Featuring ViaOneHope wines and delicious nibbles, join us for an afternoon of delight, with fellow animal lovers and fun, all in the name of helping animals. 15% of any wine purchases will be donated and you will receive a special price on 1/2 and full cases of wine! All proceeds will fund feline spay/neuter clinics. $25/person.

Location: Saturday Afternoon Clubhouse, 430 Tenth Street
Click here for Ticket info.

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Our Homes
736 Morgan Street
Built  between 1894-1903. Style: Italianate/Transitional
Originally built with one stair case on the exterior of the house going up to a 2nd floor entrance. The assumpton is that the builder being from Nova Scotia was use to building homes that had to have entrances above the snow. The staircase was removed in the 1920's and replaced with identical Greek Revival pediments when the structure became a duplex. The house was built for and occupied by the Seymour family for 81 years.
A report on the history of this house done by SSU students is available at the Library Annex.