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Amgen Tour 2008 Joint St. Rose/West End/Art Start project - Sept 2011


Wondering how Santa Rosa Creek is doing with all this rain? Visit this website:




Special Delivery– The downtown Santa Rosa post office, 730 2nd St.,  will now stay open later on  weekdays 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


MUSEUM EXHIBIT: CAMELLIA HAS FALLEN Contemporary Artists Reflect on the Jeju Uprising. Beginning: February 7

Camellia Has Fallen is the first US exhibition to focus on the important artwork created in response to the 1948 Jeju April 3 Uprising. Visit www.sonomacountymuseum.org for a schedule of special events related to this exhibit.  Sonoma County Museum, 425 7th Street.


JEJU SPECIAL WEEKEND EVENT: Speakers & Films – Sunday, February  9, 10am-4pm

In conjunction with the exhibition Camellia Has Fallen, the Museum will present candid discussions of the art and history of the Jeju 4.3 Incident. Includes guest speakers and films from Jeju, Korea.   Location: University of San Francisco Santa Rosa Campus, 416 B Street , downtown Santa Rosa.

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Our Homes
576 B Street. Built:  1940. Style: Art Deco. Historic name: "Thurlow Medical Building". Constructed for Dr. Amos Thurlow who was born in Michigan in 1884 and moved to Santa Rosa in 1922. In 1947 he as the medical Director of the Sonoma County Hospital and lived in the McDonald District. In 1947, the building had 6 physician offices and a pathology lab.