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Amgen Tour 2008 Joint St. Rose/West End/Art Start project - Sept 2011

Scary 4th

July 4th celebrations can be a very scary time for pets. BEFORE the noise from fireworks gets bad, bring your dogs and cats inside, close the drapes, turn up your television to muffle the sound, play games with your pet to distract them, give dogs stuffed Kong toys, etc.


You know how you’ve been meaning to replace your dog’s lost ID tags? Drat! And now your neighborhood sounds like a war zone and your dog is going nuts.

For a quick fix, put your phone number on your dogs collar with a sharpie. It will eventually fade but its better than nothing!

Do This Now: Open your junk drawer, dig out a sharpie and write phone numbers on your pet”s collar.

Collar with Sharpie - July 4

Be sure to take a current photo of your pet too. That way, if your pet does run away you can post it on NextDoor.com and local shelter websites. For Santa Rosa’s animal shelter, contact Sonoma County Animal Care and Control at 707-565-7100.

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Our Homes
736 Morgan Street
Built  between 1894-1903. Style: Italianate/Transitional
Originally built with one stair case on the exterior of the house going up to a 2nd floor entrance. The assumpton is that the builder being from Nova Scotia was use to building homes that had to have entrances above the snow. The staircase was removed in the 1920's and replaced with identical Greek Revival pediments when the structure became a duplex. The house was built for and occupied by the Seymour family for 81 years.
A report on the history of this house done by SSU students is available at the Library Annex.