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This Wednesday we will have another meeting with Catholic Charities regarding the Homeless Service Center they run on Morgan Street.

(These meetings are quarterly and are required as a condition of their use permit.) It is an opportunity to for the neighborhood residents to meet the Catholic Charities staff and discuss any concerns they may have.

***There will be two City Council Members at Wednesday’s meeting, so if you have issues you would like them to hear, this is the meeting to attend.***

Date: Wed., July 8

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Family Services Center, 465 A Street

Agenda items include:

  • Update on programs run by Catholic Charities.
  • Update from Santa Rosa Police Department on issues in our area.
  • Presentation by Buckelew, a non-profit collaborating with Catholic Charities on some of the homeless programs. Their organization’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families in the community by providing mental health & addiction services that promote recovery, resilience, and hope.
  • Discussion on traffic calming options for Morgan Street with city traffic engineer.

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